Faye Hays


I am a designer, writer and artist. Much of my sculptural work is informed by traces of patterns that evoke the geographically disparate zones of immigrants’ lives. Earlier work focused on translating original compositions for piano into spatial conditions. 

I was originally trained in architecture and urban design. I studied gendered aesthetics of informal settlements through a combination of social science and photography while a Marshall Scholar in London. At Harvard I completed a doctorate on aesthetic theories that operate analogously in architecture and film. 

My work in tech is tilted toward making tools that help others create. I most recently worked as Creative Lead at Quidd, where I led all aspects of design as they related to brand and product. As a freelancer I provide web and mobile design, product design, filmmaking, writing and editing services to companies and NGOs committed to social betterment and the arts.

My recent independent projects include Faye Makes Food, a site where I pair the creation of various dishes with works of art that visually correspond to the meal.

To see my work in tech, please visit Wolf Dog Design.