Faye Antonia Hays

As a writer, composer, and visual artist, I live to bring ideas to life in various media. I create sculptures from plexiglass, string, wood and stainless steel. I assemble site-specific installations, such as the Streetglove project in Harvard Yard, where I wove gloves sent in from around the world into spatial structures suspended between trees and the ground. Much of my work is informed by the perpetual displacement of being half-Greek and half-American, and the patterns that allow us as humans to trace our own memories and sense of belonging.

I was originally trained in architecture and urban design. My diverse interests lend a spatially perceptive and media-rich layer to each of my projects. I think in multiple scales at once, and facilitate dialogue between different people and disciplines. I have a Doctor of Design degree from Harvard University, where I researched the evolving relationship between culture and aesthetics. In my dissertation I proposed theories of aesthetics that span the boundaries of architecture and film. Before my doctorate, I studied in London as a Marshall Scholar at University College London and then the London School of Economics. As a result, I have a deep understanding of the cultural and economic infrastructures that inform creativity at a local and global level. 

I am often accompanied by my 75 pound dog Bandito, and the design practice I founded is named after him. To learn about my work in tech, please visit Wolf Dog Design.